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10:34 am: sanibal
our family's trip was pretty nice. i got to hang out with my brother more than i usually do. i managed to come back not sunburned, which is a huge accomplishment (although i got tanner... just in time for chinese people too see and not white people. GREAT.), and also come back not fatter. yay! :D it was annoying watching my family eating dessert in front of me... is it bad that i look at them as pigs sometimes? my mom especially... she can't control her urges to eat anything she wants for that long. and i know she'll complain about weighing more now. it took a whole week...
anyway, on saturday we got motorized scooters and rode around for a long time which was actually a lot of fun despite almost causing an accident (not surprised, neither were my parents). it scooters maxed out at 40 mph which was fine for me. i didn't want to die... it was really nice riding next to the water. that night we watched the sunset on the beach too, which was nice.
on sunday, we took a boat out (I'M ON A BOAT!) for what was meant to be 4 hours but ended up being 5 hours because our boat didn't work properly and super slow... we saw two dolphins from a distance and two sting rays in the water next to us. i thought that was cool. i spent minimum time in the water due to the fish. i also got enough sun to last me the rest of the year... it was nice to get out on the water. it was also really nice to come home...

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