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10:15 pm: china!!!
so, now that it's pretty much set in stone, i am SOOOO excited that i'm going to be in BEIJING for THREE MONTHS doing a HOMESTAY. ahhhhhhhhh!!!! and in less than 5 weeks!!!! omg!!!!!


in other news, i think i've lost 7 lbs so far! i was 130 now i'm 123 (assuming the scales i'm using are correct?). all the exercise and counting calories is really working. i did not expect to lose more than 1 lb/week, but it's been more like 2. not complaining! still trying to get to 115 though. if i want to get there before china, that's 7 lbs in 5 weeks. that def. doable if i stay on the same track. i'm planning on going running tomorrow morning, and then having krishna lunch for the last time this year! so sad! but it'll be worth it. i can't wait for next year, living with my 3 best friends, having mu own room, having my own (shared!) kitchen... and being really close to a nice gym so i don't have to run outside anymore with those damn hills and crosswalks and people honking at me (although i know the hollering is meant to be a compliment..).


i feel so much better about myself, having control over my body, making it the best it can be. i really missed this. hopefully i can keep it up in china! at least now i know to just control how much i eat. i love my calorie journal <3

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