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January 23rd, 2009

05:14 pm: 彩虹 Rainbow
This is a song by Jay Chou called Rainbow, and I took a shot at translating it on my own. I had to look up 口罩, 釋懷, 繞, 依賴, 阻礙 and 沒收. Pardon the Engrish.

Tell me where there is a rainbow

Can it give me back my wishes?

Why is the sky so quiet?

All the clouds run to me

Do you have a face mask you can give me?

Saying too much becomes unbearable

Maybe time is a type of medicine

And right now is a dose of poison

How can I fall asleep when I can't see your smile?

Your sound is so close, but I can't hold you

Even without the Earth, the sun still spins

Even without a reason, I still leave

You want to leave, and I know it's very simple

You say our dependence is our problem

We decide to part, but can you not take away my love?

I can finally understand

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January 22nd, 2009

08:52 pm: College...
I haven't used this thing since 9th grade... but I guess it's a nice way to keep track of your own life, for someone as forgetful as I am. I think I am going to keep the ridiculous icon from that time, though. ミスター・スパーコル!

I think school has been going very well for me, especially this semester. I love my new roommate, I love my classes, I am not sucking at Korean, and I have an awesome boyfriend and even more awesome friends. I'm really thankful for having such a positive college experience (at least, so far), especially since I keep hearing about other friends have not-as-great times.

In recent news, I have been a little sick, and as a result feeling lethargic, tired, etc. But, since everything else is pretty amazing right now, I barely notice it.

I went apartment shopping today with Kayla and Rory. We toured Gateway, Stoneridge and The Enclave. The Enclave was amazing (with the exception of the "den"), but very expensive. Gateway is not as fancy and you don't get your own bathroom, but it is also very nice, all-inclusive and inexpensive.

I wouldn't mind starting running again.

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December 21st, 2005

05:33 pm: im taking requests!
sandy's party was very fun. it was so well organized, and it was nice to dress up for something that wasnt boring. it was like those adult company parties, but better. i learned how to play taboo, and "big booty" even though i didnt participate in it. and there was a chocolate fountain~

i interpreted chad mohhammed's birth chart for him. he liked it and now im doing his friend's one. i enjoy doing them, so if you want to learn about who you really are, just give me your birth place and time.

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December 12th, 2005

07:14 pm: saa

personal project. i wish we had more time. maybe i can work on it more after i turn it in. ill finish it, but i want to expand on it for that night in march when we present it.

in english two negetives equal a positive, but in russian two negetives equal a negetive. i always thought the english was made the most sense because thats how its done in math, but not all the time. its as if english is multiplying and russian is adding.

i still like the english way better. A is not not B = A is B, because the statement that A is not B is not.

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December 7th, 2005

06:19 pm: she's coming this summer!!
Hey chicken!

thanks 4 the prsents there cool and the card is kick ass! foo fighters are playin in 2 weeks yay! sorry that im usin sum short hand writin its just cause im kinda rushin! so erm any men? im textin the 19 year old stephen again. he got hot. he dresses like an emo person. hes hot tho! yeah we shud learn that language it wud be crazy. i miss u. the weather sucks ass! and school does 2! rawr! ill talk to u later pine cone!

toodles peanut! hazel( ur other half)

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December 2nd, 2005

06:30 pm: i miss last year
SakabatouJinchuu: i was like so how are u doing with the ladies rick
SakabatouJinchuu: and he was like
SakabatouJinchuu: oh im getting a lot of pussy lately
SakabatouJinchuu: u?
SakabatouJinchuu: and i was like waaaat
SakabatouJinchuu: hahhahahaa

hmmm. schools fun, i like it. its easy right now. next semester = art2 and softball. thatll be crazy. BUT no math class!!! and no more personal project!!!

i wish it was due later but its not like i would work on it more, i would just put it off later. after the 13th its all OVER. well, then we have to make a presentation of them for the judges, and i tried to get desmond to invite college scouts to the showcase. mensa test results soon!

Q: Is there such thing as having a forth or fifth nipple? Do you recommend having cosmetic surgery to obtain a third nipple? Is it cost efficient?


A: To answer your first question, let me print an excerpt from an email I recently received:

"...I have 4 nipples, two (2) on each breast. I have thought of having them removed..."

As you can see, there is such a thing! To answer your second question, the benefits of having a Triple-Nipple are clearly worth any price, so cosmetic surgery is not a bad way to go. The problem is finding a compatible nipple donor. Despite the modern technology and the rapid pace of social growth, there is still an unfulfilled need for a strong and effective nipple donation system. Until that happens, you will probably have to wait.

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November 27th, 2005

08:39 pm: It's sunday, 8 17, last day of a four day weekend! of course im doing homework. i was trying to translate that story from the japanese packet:

"The smell of gasoline. My town's usual scenery, but today is different. It's another place; another world. Where is this, I wonder. I don't understand anything, but I only walked. I was watching a dream. What kind of dream? Yesterday, I was catching a cold and sleeping all day long, so the devil probably didn't come to wake me up. I thought even the scenery in front of my eyes was most likely a dream. That's what I wanted to think..."

very pretty. maybe if i could translate corectly it would make sense. ive decided im going to work harder in history! yes, no more relying on ujas/david for test answers, im going to study. and do packets before the morning theyre due. especially now with a b in that class. i also need to start making words for my language. people ask what the name of it is.. but that comes at the very end.

gosh, everyone seemed to have so much fun. I'm definatly going to home coming next year.

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August 16th, 2005

05:23 pm: mata

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