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03:33 pm: *フーーー!*
so... after a very big scare last night about visas and maybe not being able to actually get into china, i think it's all sorted out now. they are having us get a different visa so we don't have to wait for the paperwork and i sent in all the stuff for that today. hopefully it gets here in time... it -should-, but things can always happen.
but! i feel a lot better than i did last night, freaking out until 2 in the morning <.<;; then freaking out today filling out/printing out forms, getting passport photos, money order, mailing stuff.. but it got done, which is good. just trip insurance left now.

i've been keeping up with my diet/exercising for the most part. weighed myself a day ago and weighed 119.4. (i checked twice >.<) so... under 120 is good! i don't think i weighed that little when i started high school.. running is like a magic weight-loss drug, except not because you have to work pretty hard at it, lol. but like, results are really quick. i took a "day off" yesterday, where i just ate normally. didn't created a calorie surplus, but also prob not a deficit either. like the day never happened! haha. now i need to get back into the habit. going to go running now soon... outside for the first time in a while. i have to avoid the stupid birds that decide to all attack me for no reason >.<

my mom's talking about taking me off my pills, but prob not before next semester. i wonder how that'll work out, lol.
speaking of my mom, she started weight watchers. she used to run 5 days a week and weight 127 (less than i weighed 2 months ago!!), maybe 10 years ago, and now she's... a lot more than that. i hope i care enough about my health and my body to have to motivation to keep trying to stay in shape. i don't want to think that my body will only get worse from now on... i'm not even that happy with it now. and i'm young!! oh, well...

on a less depressing note, although victor and i haven't seen each other in over a week now (feels like a lot longer..) i feel like our relationship is actually growing, since we're communicating online most of the time, and i feel a lot freer to express myself.. and of course he's being all sweet and romantic, and also the absence is probably making us want to be together more. so, that's all good. he'll be coming up to visit me... not this weekend but the next. that should be fun. i wonder what 12 weeks will do though..? well, no use worrying about it. just have to make the best out of the situation and hope it goes well!

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Date:May 12th, 2009 08:56 pm (UTC)

wow crazy!

I extended my email and in it, I talked about your 12 weeks thing too before I read this! This is another time where we sorta read each other mind. Awesome!! I like this journal entry =). Yes, I am sure it will turn out well!! I will be waiting and thinking about you!
But you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. As for the pill things, I will be your pill =D haha. I certainly hope I can do that job...

Love you babe!
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Date:May 13th, 2009 06:59 am (UTC)
I still don't have the stamina, nor (more importantly) the motivation to run XDDD But damn I wish I weighed as much as you D;

And you won't need the pills with us to keep you happy ;D Hahaha kidding, kidding, but I think that you're strong enough to pull through without them, so 加油! :3
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