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11:50 am: sucess?
so, according to the public scale(s?), i've gone from 130 to 125 lbs in a week. i don't know if i believe that though. that's a LOT for a week. i was planning on 1lb/week. i guess it's good? i'm not going to let this make me feel like i don't have to try hard anymore though. i'll assume it's a fluke (it probably is.. weight fluctuates normally throughout the day anyway and i could have just lost water weight) and keep working hard until i reach my goal. 10 more lbs!


i really like this guy's videos. he has hundreds of them and what he says makes sense. kayla is worried about me because she's afraid i'm becoming anorexic or something but i'm still eating usually 4 times a day, drinking water all the time, exercising somewhat regularly and taking multivitamins everyday. i couldn't run if i didn't have enough energy to do it.

in other news, i might go see demetri martin tonight! hopefully that'll be fun. and if we present today in forensics, i hope we do well >.

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